On My Honor Are Calling It Quits

on my honor

This morning, Knoxville Tennessee’s On My Honor officially announced their retirement on their Facebook page. After 8 years, the group has decided to dissolve the band, citing they felt “an overwhelming feeling” to move on.

Along with the announcement, the band provided contact information for bassist Jake Jones and drummer Tobias Campbell, both of whom will be seeking to join new projects.

The guys announced plans for a final show, in their hometown of Knoxville, set to take place in early 2015, and will release more information about the show when it becomes available. You can view the entire statement from On My Honor below the jump:

On My Honor has been a band now for nearly 8 years. For some of us, On My Honor has been the majority of our adult lives. Since 2007, we’ve gotten to do a lot of great things. We’ve made music that we love, with people we love, we’ve gotten to meet a lot of you, and we’ve been able to see a lot of the world that we never thought we would.

When we really started getting going as a band, we always talked about how our main goal was to make other people feel how our favorite records made us feel. Although we’ve made some mistakes along the way, we did our best to keep sight of that goal. We hope that we did this for some of you. With that being said, we’ve decided it’s time for On My Honor to come to an end. There was a lot that went into this decision, but most of it just comes from an overwhelming feeling that it’s time for us to move on with other parts of our lives. We’d like to thank everyone that’s ever been a part of this. From everyone that’s booked a show for us, played a show with us, let us sleep on your floor, helped us put out a record, helped us record a record, helped us with press,or anything else thank you for helping us make On My Honor something we can look back on and be proud.

We will be booking one last show in our hometown for anyone that
would like to see us and it will take place early next year. We’ll have more information on that as soon as it is available.

Our bass player Jake and drummer Tobias are actively seeking new projects. They can be reached at jjonesyfh@gmail.com and tobiasomh@gmail.com. Both of these guys are beyond great guys and great musicians, and any band would be lucky to have them.

thank you,
On My Honor

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