Comedian Mike Birbiglia Is Headed To Prison…For Netflix

Mike Birbiglia at Carnegie Hall!

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has signed on to join the cast of Orange Is The New Black for the program’s upcoming third season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Birbiglia’s role has to be revealed, but considering the fact the show revolves around a women’s prison it’s fairly safe to assume he’ll either be cast as a prison guard, family member of an inmate, or lover/ex-lover of an inmate.

Birbiglia never set out to become a film and TV star, but since the release of his critically acclaimed film Sleepwalk With Me the offers have not stopped pouring in. You may recall his appearance as the only comedic relief The Fault In Our Stars had to offer, and soon he will be appearing on HBO’s Girls, as well as the upcoming remake of Annie (out in December). He also has a role in Judd Apatow’s upcoming Amy Schumer vehicle, Trainwreck.

I was able to catch Birbiglia on tour this spring when he swung through Boston with his Thank God For Jokes one-man show. That tour, which has been planned for 100 dates, is one of the only stand-up sets I’ve seen this year that I think everyone should seek out. Young, old, white, black, man, woman, it doesn’t matter. Birbigs has something to offer everyone. Click here for tour dates.

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix with new episodes beginning in summer 2015.

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