Flying Lotus Shares New Captain Murphy Track

flying lotus

Flying Lotus has been hitting Twitter left and right with information about his new album, You’re Dead!

But today, the man behind the ego of Captain Murphy also shared a track which he raps on for Adult Swim Singles Program. The track is called “Cosplay.” Apparently it’s not just for the nerdy. The track is very dark and heavy, both in vocals and the beats/sampling used in the song. Listen to it with headphones in the dark and I bet you get weird images in your head.

Not only that, but Adult Swim also teamed up with FlyLo/Captain Murphy for a short miniclip called “The Birth of Captain Murphy.” I’d try to explain it, but I think you just need to watch it for yourself, it’s a short 4-minute clip.

Check the track and video below, and stay tuned for more information regarding Flying Lotus and You’re Dead!

You’re Dead! will be released October 7 via Warp.

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