LYRIC VIDEO: Minutes Til Midnight – “Demons, These Demons”

Minutes Til Midnight

A couple of days ago Camisado announced that they were officially changing their name to Minutes Til Midnight. At the time they did not indicate the reason for the change, but since then they have opened up to Alternative Press to talk about the idea behind the name change. You can also read what they had to say below the break.

In addition to the name change, the group teamed up with AP to premiere their first single as a new band. The song is titled “Demons, These Demons,” and the lyric video is also available below.

If you were not already a fan of the band on Facebook, be sure to check them out and give them a “like.”

We’ve recently changed our name from Camisado to Minutes Till Midnight. We had four records under Camisado and wanted to start a new chapter with our music as we have evolved as a band. This song ‘Demons, These Demons,’ is just that. It is an example of how we have evolved as a band and represents the direction we are going for the future. We recorded this song with Drew Fulk, who has worked with bands like Upon This Dawning, For All Those Sleeping and Heartist. It was one of the most positive experiences we’ve had recording. He had great suggestions to improve the songs and was always willing to try different ideas, no matter how out there they were. We came out with songs that we were extremely proud of and we feel like they are some of our best to date!

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