Watch Foxing’s Fantastic Audiotree Session

Foxing Audiotree

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing some members of Foxing. Not only did they put on an exceptional and moving live show, but the members that we had the chance to converse with are some of the nicest and chillest musicians we have had the pleasure of speaking with. In our interview, we chatted about their experiences during their Audiotree performance filmed last month, and they were all quick to say how nice, generous, and professional the Audiotree staff was.

Finally released on the Audiotree site, Foxing’s session is now available for viewing. The band performs six tracks from their powerful debut release The Albatross, and if you have yet to experience the band live, this session is a strong indicator of what they bring to the table. Every member feeds on the emotions their songs emanate, and it makes for one memorable experience.

Head here to watch the session, and be sure to periodically check Audiotree for some of the best live sessions currently circulating.

Drew Caruso

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