Katy Perry Shares “This Is How We Do” Remix Featuring Riff Raff

riff raff katy perry this is how we do remix

The Neon Icon has officially become besties with the girl behind everyone’s Teenage Dream.

Katy Perry is always rumored to be dating someone, regardless of whether or not the press has any proof of the alleged romance. In recent weeks, the person Perry has most often been connected to is Riff Raff, the outrageous rapper who is often known as the most viral man in hip-hop. The pair deny they’re anything more than best friends, but today they took a step towards being more than just friends by collaborating on the official remix of Perry’s infectious “This Is How We Do.” You can stream the track, in full, below:

Riff Raff has done a fine job of becoming more internationally known in 2014 on his own, but there is not a doubt in my mind this remix will launch him even further into the public spotlight. You might think he looks ridiculous, and truth be told he would probably agree most days, but he also has a unique sense of wordplay that is unlike anything else in music today. It’s fun and thrilling, but even more important than that it’s entirely his own.

The remix of “This Is How We Do” is available through digital retailers as part of an expanded version of Perry’s most recent album. Click here for more details.

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