Puff Daddy And Guy Gerber Release ’11 11′ Album (For Free)


There was a rumor not too long ago that Puff Daddy and producer/DJ Guy Gerber were working on an album together. The story quickly spread around the net, but when no music surfaced in the immediate future people moved on. To be perfectly honest, we even thought the whole thing was a hoax, as our tiny critic minds could never imagine what would happen when those two creative minds got together.

Turns out, the album is very real. In fact, it’s complete and ready to be added to your music collection, for free, today.

Yesterday (August 21), Puff Daddy turned to his social network with the news he would have a surprise late at night. When 11:11 PM rolled around, Daddy revealed his collaborative project with Gerber is complete and immediately available for anyone willing to give something new a chance through Thump. He also shared a short documentary about the creation of the record. You can view and listen to all of this, below.

Before you dive in, I want to make it clear that the record below is not your typical Puff Daddy/Diddy/etc rap record. This is a house record through and through, made with clubs in mind just as much as people who love a good time. If that appeals to you, dive in. If it doesn’t, why not go ahead and give it a chance anyway? You never know what you might discover.

James Shotwell

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