Childish Gambino Shares New Song, “Candler Road”


Seemingly out of nowhere and with absolutely no warning, Childish Gambino has gifted the internet a brand new track.

Almost nine months have passed since Childish Gambino – AKA Donald Glover – released his Sophomore album Because The Internet. Since that time, no new music from Gambino has surfaced online, which is admittedly a unique change of pace from the rapper’s previous years of promotion. Instead, Gambino has been traveling the country supporting his recent release, making several major festival appearances along the way. He’s never even mentioned working on new music in the public eye, but here we are with a brand new track that demands at least three listens. You can stream the song, titled “Candler Road,” below:

I like to think we have been supporting Childish Gambino as long as any other music blog with their ears to the underground, and it’s tracks like “Candler Road” that remind me what first made his voice stand out from the competition: drive. There is a sense of urgency in every line Gambino delivers, and even when this song falls dangerously close to becoming mindless radio fodder – AKA the first half of the track – it’s Gambino’s signature sense of wordplay that saves the day.

No download of “Candler Road” has surfaced, so for now the stream above is all we have to offer. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the track.

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