Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Shake It Off” At The 2014 VMAs

Taylor Swift shake it off

The 2014 Video Music Awards took place Sunday night, August 24, on MTV. None of our primary staff have cable in their home, so we had to watch our Twitter feeds and wait for anonymous strangers online to upload clips for us to enjoy. Those videos have begun to appear online, and it’s time for us to share them with you.

Taylor Swift had arguably one of the biggest weeks of her career earlier this month. During that time, she debuted a new single titled “Shake It Off” that has quickly taken over top 40 radio. Swift debuted her live rendition of the track at the 2014 VMAs, and just like the song’s official video the focus of Swift’s performance was dancing from beginning to end. There’s also a moment just after the two-minute mark when the camera cuts to an unamused Miley with a meme-worthy face. You can view all of this and more below:

21482421191 by YardieGoals

There is a good chance the video above will be removed at some point in the coming hours/days. If that happens, drop us a comment and we’ll replace the video as soon as possible.

“Shake It Off” is off Taylor Swift’s upcoming album titled 1989. The single is available on iTunes now, but the album does not drop until October 27. Follow UTG on Twitter for more on Swift’s plans for the future.

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  • avalon

    Un amused Miley? So what, every one else semed to be smiling and head bopping to the music.