Join Arms and Sleepers’ “Swim Team” For One Of Summer’s Last Appropriately Seasonal Singles

arms and sleepers

There’s been an influx of new music as of late from bands and genres that we tend to cover heavily here at UTG, but one act I’ve backed since 2006 is Arms and Sleepers, and after hearing their newest material, my support is still as strong as ever. Basically, take the time to experience their unique blends of ambience, electronics, and various moody beats. It all makes for a great release from your typical daily grind.

The Boston duo are set to release their fifth LP (and sixteenth release overall), titled Swim Team, on October 28 via Fake Chapter Records. Following the super chill “Hurry Slowly,” A&S are streaming another new single from the effort over at Earmilk. Serving as a fittingly bright and upbeat, yet lo-fi, cut for the season, the album’s title track should appeal to fans of everything from Passion Pit to Odesza, and will fit perfectly on your ‘Pool Party Playlist.’ Jam it after the jump.

You can pre-order Swim Team now through the band’s Big Cartel page. We snagged a vinyl copy with record speed (#pun). Join us by grabbing a copy of your own.

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