Amazon Is Bringing Back ‘The Tick’ And Patrick Warburton Is Already On Board


There may in fact be a higher power. After all, who other than an omnipotent being could have the power to bring back such a critically under-appreciated, yet deeply loved show like The Tick?

People Magazine is reporting that Amazon has secured the rights to bring back The Tick TV show as a streaming series with brand new episodes. Even better, star Patrick Warburton has already signed on to reprise the lead role. No release date has been set, but a close source to the story tells the magazine the deal is done.

The Tick series is based on a comic book by Ben Edlund. It was first brought to television as an animated series that lasted three seasons in the mid 1990s. In late 2001, Fox cast Warburton as the lead in the live-action series, but the network cancelled the show after only 9 episodes. You can watch the show’s pilot episode, for free, at the end of this post.

In a world where it seems every obscure character is getting their own film or series, it seems only right that The Tick series live once more. I was a fan of the live-action series just as much as the cartoon, but I never imagined it would return. Anything is possible in the age of streaming, I guess. Even if Yahoo! passed on Enlisted.

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