Death Grips Music Used In New Adidas Commercial, Band Still Broken Up


Death Grips were/are one of the most anti-establishment bands to come along in a number of years. The group broke up earlier this year shortly after the release of their album Niggas On The Moon, but this morning their art was given new life in an incredibly corporate way when a snippet from a Government Plates track found its way into a shoe commercial. This is not a joke.

Adidas’ new ‘Predator’ ad was uploaded to YouTube this morning. In it, viewers can hear a clip of the song “You Might Think He Loves You For You Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For And It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat” playing in the background. It doesn’t fit what’s happening on screen, nor does the use of the track make any sense at all when considering the band’s stance on giant corporations, but it happens nonetheless. You can view the commercial below:

When they announced their break up, Death Grips told fans, “We are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped.”

Niggas On The Moon was the first half of a two-part project called The Powers That B. The second half, which has yet to be given a title, is expected to be released before the end of 2014. Stay tuned.

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