UTG PREMIERE: Hail The Sun – “Missed Injections”

hail the sun

California’s Hail The Sun are poised to release their highly anticipated Blue Swan Records debut in just three weeks’ time, on September 23.

Following two previously released singles in “Hanging Revelation” and “Human Target Practice,” UTG is thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere another cut from Wake, entitled “Missed Injections.”

Showcasing every bit of the band’s immense talent, “Missed Injections” boasts both frenetic drum-work and distinctive soaring vocals from Donovan Melero, with chaotic, jazz-inspired guitar riffs ripping throughout the track’s nearly 4-minute structure. Sure to appeal to fans of the band’s earlier work and everything from The Mars Volta and Circa Survive to Exotic Animal Petting Zoo and Lady Radiator, “Missed Injections” only furthers our excitement for what’s in store within the whole of Wake.

Stream the new song below and make sure to catch Hail The Sun on the Blue Swan Records Tour, beginning tomorrow in Fresno at Strummer’s, with label-mates Stolas and Icarus The Owl.

*feature photo courtesy of Connor Feimster

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  • Furry Calamari

    FYI Icarus the Owl isn’t on blue swan records, all their music is self-produced

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