WFFW Member Keano Spitta Releases “Like Me” Video


It’s been a minute since we heard from the WFFW crew, but yesterday afternoon member Keano Spitta delivered a new track and visual that is sure to ease the pain of the work week’s return.

Featuring hypnotic production that’s not too distant from the sounds found on fellow WFFW member Marco‘s recent singles, “Like Me” offers Keano Spitta one of the best opportunities to showcase his skills. It’s not that the beat makes him sound better, but rather the fact it’s entertaining without taking the focus away from Keano’s wordplay.

The video for “Like Me” finds Keano and a few other WFFW members enjoying the heat of a summer night. They’re seen cruising through their city under street lights, performing in various locations, and generally showcasing the place that made Keano and the entire crew the creative goons they are today. You can view the clip below:

Want a free download of “Like Me”? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Keano and the rest of WFFW have a slew of new tracks prepped for release in the months ahead. We’ve heard a good number of rough cuts, and it seems as if this is only the beginning of what will likely become a long reign in the world of hip-hop for WFFW. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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