Fall In Love With Restorations All Over Again And Discover “Separate Songs”

Restorations LP3 2014

All aboard the feels train.

There are a handful of songs every year that possess the power to rattle your bones regardless of the time, place, or state of mind you are in when you hear them. They may make you happy, sad, remorseful, or even outright depressed, but regardless of how good or bad these emotions may be perceived by others there is a part of you that becomes fascinated by that particular track’s ability to move you. It’s like an addiction you never knew you needed, and even though it hurts you are willing to bear the pain for just one more refrain.

I cannot tell you every song that was released with that quality so far in 2014, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that Restorations‘ latest offering will be the next song to sweep you off your feet. Pulsating with gruff vocals and melancholy melodies, the song holds no punches while it dissects life as viewed through the eyes of someone who seems to feel disconnected from the rest of reality. They give and they give, but it never seems to be enough, and though others try to encourage additional effort they cannot escape the feeling that their time has already came and went. I know that sounds like a bit of a downer, but the way it pours through your speakers or headphones is too powerful to be summarized with such simple terminology. It’s powerful and moving, yet delicate at all the right times, as if designed to keep you on your toes while simultaneously holding you close. Comforting, yet heartbreaking. Check it out:

Speaking to NPR about the song, singer and guitarist Jon Loudon writes:

“Separate Songs” is one of our favorite compositions off LP3. We got to do all the things we like in here: heinous feedback, giant chorus, too many guitar solos, etc. The song is about throwing your computer out the window.

Restorations will release their third album, LP3, on October 28. Visit SideOneDummy’s website for pre-order bundles and additional album information.

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