Octave Minds Release “Tap Dance” Featuring Chance The Rapper


It’s a beautiful thing when an artist blows up and immediately begins helping other up and comers do the same. Chance The Rapper has made it a point to collaborate with other artists on the rise in 2014, and this morning a new track found its way online that is sure to make your Wednesday great.

Octave Minds may not be a household name just yet, but you will be seeking everything in their catalog after hearing “Tap Dance.” Recorded in 6/8 time, the song pairs Chance’s band (The Social Experiment) with light and infectious production from OM in a way that creates a very bright palette for Chance to play with throughout his verses. The lyrics talk about the relationships people share, and how when put on paper the moves we make can often seem like a dance; a tap dance, to be specific. You can stream the track below:

“Tap Dance” is expected to make an appearance on Octave Minds’ upcoming album, which is slated to hit stores on September 15. No word yet on when Chance will release new material, but I think we will get at least a single before 2014 is over. Stay tuned.

James Shotwell

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