‘Paradise Lost’ International Trailer: Pablo Escobar Is Robin Hood With A Violence Fetish


As if the fact Aquaman is getting his own movie was not proof enough that the HBO series Entourage was before its time, we now have a Pablo Escobar movie on the way that looks a lot like Billy Walsh’s Medellin.

Paradise Lost, which has also been marketed under the title Escobar: Paradise Lost, is the latest film from Andrea Di Stefano. The feature premiered at Telluride Film Festival over the weekend and earlier today a new international trailer for the film found its way online. The clip sets up the meeting and ensuing relationship of Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro) and an American traveler (played by Josh Hutcherson). The young man does not know anything about cocaine or Escobar’s notorious life in crime at first, but as they grow closer the tourist cannot help becoming fascinated by the excess, violence, lust, and power that follows Pablo. You can view the new trailer below:

It’s hard to tell where this story will end, but I think the journey will be worth the price of admission alone. Hutcherson has needed a feature where he can showcase his talent away from the overshadowing presence of Jennifer Lawrence, and Paradise Lost could very well be that opportunity. Del Toro looks great as well, but that’s not exactly a surprise.

No US release date has been set for Paradise Lost, but the film will play the Toronto International Film Fest in just a few short weeks. Stay tuned for additional updates.

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