Listen To A New Song Titled “Help Me / End Me” From No Limbs

No Limbs

Sometimes, it’s good to hear some good old-fashioned hardcore music. The type of hardcore that is short and sweet, raw-sounding, and so broken down that it makes you want to jump around your bedroom and wreak havoc like you’re in the most intense mosh pit ever.

Oakland, CA’S four-piece hardcore outfit No Limbs gives us the best example of this type of music in their latest effort. The band will release a 7″ self-titled record that will consist of seven songs that clock in at eight minutes total. Now that’s an old-fashioned hardcore record to the point that it could have came out in the ’80s during the punk revival era. The effort will be released through Touche Amore frontman Jeremy Bolm’s record label, Secret Voice Records, on September 30.

Check out the song “Help Me / End Me” below after the jump and you can pre-order the album here. Be sure to not break anything in your vicinity now.

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