New ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Trailer Introduces Chris Pine To A Life Of Crime

Horrible Bosses 2

We have been talking a lot about the fast-approaching movie awards season and the many films that will debut in coming months as a result, but the fall will also host a slew of new comedies that hope to save the genre’s lackluster 2014 box office performance. Dumb and Dumber To is arguably the most anticipated film of the lot, but following not far behind is Horrible Bosses 2, and this morning a new trailer for the latter found its way online.

Horrible Bosses found three guys coming together with a shared dream of killing their employer. Horrible Bosses 2 reunites the team for another crime spree, but this time the focus is on kidnapping and ransom. Things go well at first, but as you’ll soon discover a whole new set of problems arise, causing our (anti)heroes to dive further into the world of crime than ever before. They also join forces with an eccentric young man played by Chris Pine, who you will meet in the trailer below. Check it out:

I never got into Horrible Bosses, but I am hopeful that the new film will have something to offer that the original did not. That said, the trailers up to this point look like more of the same, only with the addition of Pine and far more raunchy Jennifer Anniston. Is that enough? We will find out when Horrible Bosses 2 opens November 26.

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  • Brian Lion

    I was wholly surprised by how much I enjoyed the first one, actually. It was a helluva lot funnier than most of the crap comedies that year.