Charli XCX Goes Modern With Latest Cover, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”


Charli XCX covers a song. I post it here on Under The Gun. It’s a beautiful relationship she knows nothing about.

The most recent cover to bubble up is an intimate (in scope) take on the (emotionally) intimate “Stay With Me.” This Bing Lounge video actually went live in late August – we only saw it just now because Stereogum only saw it just now, due to their user letsplaytwister mentioning it in an article about FKA twigs covering the same song at the Live Lounge. Wait, we didn’t get that one up here? We’ll include both versions below, where you can fight over which is better.

Charli has been all the rage recently, both here at UTG and at every other music website. “Boom Clap” finally got the pop star-in-waiting her first solo hit, saving her from being most successful as a second banana. More recently, she announced second album “Sucker” (due October 21) and shared a video for the resoundingly fun, “Boom Clap”-esque single “Break the Rules.” Also, I never saw The Bling Ring, but that font looks might familiar.

Tyler Hanan

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