Mastodon And Gibby Haynes Unite In “Atlanta”


In the third-to-last installment of this expiring summer’s Adult Swim Single Series, the fast-talking Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers fame hops onto the heavy riffage of a Mastodon single.

For the kids who know little of the Butthole Surfers’ raunchiness, perhaps you’ve stumbled across this old song on rock radio. Apply a thick, healthy layer of Mastodon, and you have “Atlanta.” Enjoy below – the song sees official release today.

The remaining singles in the series will come from superstar rap duo Run the Jewels (9/15) and KA (/9/22). Be sure to check out any that may have slipped passed you, including new songs from Deafheaven, Sleep, and Speedy Ortiz. Also, Mastodon released an album earlier this summer called Once More ‘Round The Sun, and our Kevin Blumeyer loved it.

Tyler Hanan

Tyler raves about movies on the Let The Right Films In podcast. Listen to him make jokes over his beleaguered cohost Kayla St. Onge and their more qualified guests who deserve so much better at Find him on Twitter @tylerhanan.
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