Black Veil Brides Embrace Mainstream Hard Rock With “Faithless”


For the second time in less than two weeks, California based rock outfit Black Veil Brides have shared a new song from their highly anticipated new studio album.

If “Heart Of Fire” was the song meant to welcome listeners back to the world of Black Veil Brides, “Faithless” is the song that displays the evolution the band has gone since the January 2013 release of their last album. All screams and quote/unquote ‘scene’ elements have been stripped away, allowing the band to focus on crafting driving rock music with arena ready hooks that could easily find their way onto the radio. In my opinion, it’s for the better. You can stream “Faithless” below:

Black Veil Brides have come a long we from their debut, and as long as fans stick with them I think their evolution into full blown rock stars will continue for many years to come. The group’s new album, IV, hits stores in October.

If you’re a fan of BVB and want to help promote the release of IV, click here to check out the band’s official fan site. There are almost 900,000 registered BVB fans out there, and likely many more around the world. Join your voices and promote the band you love.

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