Arms and Sleepers Stream “Tiger Tempo” From ‘Swim Team’

arms and sleepers

We’ve been hyping the forthcoming Arms And Sleepers album since we found out it was a thing and we’ll continue to do so up until its October 28 release — and after. The Boston duo have released a few cuts so far and today we’ve been gifted yet another from their fifth LP, Swim Team.

“Tiger Tempo” brings together the act’s earlier catalog moody ambience and newly incorporated vibes of late ’80s/early ’90s, downtempo hip-hop instrumentals. Think Tycho meets J Dilla and you should be right on track.

The new single serves as the perfect soundtrack for a chilled out Friday afternoon. Kick back and get into it after the break (via XLR8R).

Swim Team drops on October 28 through Fake Chapter. You can pre-order a digital or physical copy of your own right here.

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