Childish Gambino Streams “Sober” From ‘STN MTN/KAUAI’


Childish Gambino informed us at the beginning of September that he would be releasing a new mixtape in the near future. We still do not know when that record will arrive, but this afternoon Gambino shared a track off the album that has radio hit written all over it.

We can go back and forth over whether or not Because The Internet is stronger than Childish Gambino’s debut, but I think everyone can agree that Internet offered the rapper, whose real name is Donald Glover, an opportunity to expand his sonic horizons in ways other urban artists would never even think to attempt. “Sober,” the STN MTN/KAUAI cut released today, continues this trend by offering fans what is essentially a straightforward ballad about how the right person can make you feel inebriated when you know in your heart that you’re completely sober. It’s a track for those who make you lovestoned, if you will. Check it out:

Again, we have no idea when STN MTN/KAUAI will be released. Our guess is sometime in October, but you never know with Gambino. For now, follow UTG on Twitter for updates and comment below to let us know your thoughts on “Sober.”

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