WATCH: Zella Day Performs “Compass” and “Sweet Ophelia” for ‘Buzzsessions’

zella day

Similar to what the good people at Audiotree are doing, The Wild Honey Pie have been producing gorgeous, stripped-down performances for their Buzzsessions series for quite some time. Featuring some of our absolute favorite artists, time and time again we’re left in awe of the end results with each and every session they release. This time around, we’d like to draw attention to Zella Day‘s recent studio visit with TWHP as she performs two of her most recent singles, “Compass” and “Sweet Ophelia.”

Both of these tracks will be featured on Day’s forthcoming debut EP which is set to release on October 21 via B3SCI/Pinetop Records. We’ve covered the original versions of these tracks extensively in the past year and are in love with the way these more intimate studio cuts have turned out. I’ve noted countless times how powerful and alluring Day’s voice is and having seen her live with nothing but an acoustic guitar and having now seen these two takes, my confidence in how big of a star this woman is sure to become is through the roof.

Watch both videos from the session below, fall in love, pre-order Zella Day, and check out more fantastic creations over at The Wild Honey Pie.

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