Hear Three New Ryan Adams Songs


Earlier this year, country rock demi-god Ryan Adams put out his first self-titled, a great look at his timeless vocals and lyrics, as well as 1984, his 10-song punk record released on a 7-inch. Today we get to hear three songs that are also a part of that PAX-AM 7-inch singles series: “Jacksonville,” “I Keep Running,” and “Walkedypants.”

The 7-inch A-side highlights “Jacksonville,” whereas the B-side features the rustic “I Keep Running” and somewhat decent “Walkedypants.” The songs take a nice stroll through his country, blues, and folk roots and tally up to be ten minutes long in total. Starting today, the Jacksonville 7-inch is available via PAX-AM.

Give them a listen below:

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  • Christopher Renfrew

    Also worth a note that he has be running this 7″ series with PAXAM with every B side including unreleased material. There are 2 that are up for preorder, along with this, 1984, and 1 other 7″ that have been released thus far.