Transit Premiere “Rest To Get Better’ Video

Transit Joyride

Transit have premiered a video for the first single from their upcoming album, Joyride, over at Alternative Press.

“Rest To Get Better” comes highly anticipated after the band’s most recent release, Young New England, did not fair well with fans and critics. The track attempts to reignite the flame found on the much loved Listen & Forgive, for it is coupled with energetic guitars, a vibrant chorus, and captures many elements adored on past releases.

The video features images from dreams that singer Joe Boynton has experienced while fighting to sleep. Speaking with Alternative Press, Boynton says that “I mostly write my lyrics at night, sometimes I wake up randomly around 4 or 5 a.m. and can’t go back to sleep. Those are the times I grab a pad and pen, and go at it for a few hours. This song and video are based off a dream I had.”

Follow us after the jump to experience the first full track from Transit’s upcoming LP, Joyride.


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