Yelawolf Streams “Till It’s Gone”


If you’re a fan of the FX series Sons Of Anarchy you may have noticed a driving, clap laden track playing in the background of the most recent episode. That tracks turns out to be the latest single from Yelawolf, and this morning the southern bred rapper posted the studio cut of that same track online.

“Till It’s Gone” continues Yelawolf’s long-running tradition of delivering deep lyrics while keeping the entertainment factor high throughout. It’s a track that becomes more and more interesting as it plays out, with a subtle sense of rage lying in wait underneath every bar. When it finally boils over, the song is sheer perfection for a few brief moments. You can stream the track below:

Yelawolf is supposedly set to release his Sophomore studio album before the end of the year. It’s unclear whether or not “Till It’s Gone” will make the track list, but considering the fact the song is not being given away at this point it seems safe to assume it will appear somewhere else down the line. Stay tuned.

James Shotwell

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  • Tinyal

    Very talented young man – and an amazingly complex song. Very listenable, on several levels.