Hear FF’s Incredible Shoegaze Single “Past Year”


If every shoegaze band could do shoegaze right, we would live in a great world. Having a limited number of bands who can nail that sound, though, really makes it all the more special. Thankfully, we don’t have to kick our shoes in the dirt waiting for a new Sonic Youth sound anymore. Turn your attention to FF, the newest shoegaze act we can expect big things from.

The Seattle-based trio–Claire Nelson, Harley Thompson and Michael Abeyta–drop their debut album Lord on October 21 via Couple Skate Records. Their newest single, “Past Year,” hears them drawing in the gloominess of feedback with the undercurrent of a punk anthem. If you’re looking for a noisy Yo La Tengo or this decade’s My Bloody Valentine, call off your search. FF are here. The three stay away from a true ’90s revival sound, providing their own alt-rock twist that cushions your ears with the comfort of hazy guitar and clean melodies.

Listen to the song below (via Culture COLLiDE). Pre-orders for the album are ongoing via iTunes.

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