UTG PREMIERE: Nemes – “Black Streak”


With a little more than a month to go before their long awaited full-length debut arrives in stores, New England folk rock outfit Nemes have joined forces with UTG to share a brand new song.

It’s hard to know the right way to describe the sound of Nemes to someone who has never encountered their unique take on music. The best explanation I have been able to put together is asking people to imagine what would happen if My Morning Jacket had a baby with Mumford And Sons while listening to acoustic-driven emo music from the early millennium. I know that is kind of a mouthful, but after experiencing “Black Streak” I think you will understand why Nemes’ sound leaves me at a loss. You can enjoy the track below:

Nemes will release their debut full-length, I Will Carry Your Heart, in October. Click here for pre-order options, including a limited edition vinyl bundle that should be considered a ‘must own’ for any collector.

James Shotwell

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