The Chainsmokers Remix Anna Of The North’s Beautiful Single, “Sway”

chainsmokers anna of the north

Our friends Alex and Drew, aka The Chainsmokers, make pretty impressive choices when it comes to songs that they feel compelled to rework. Remixing originals from NONONO, Daughter, Icona Pop, Say Lou Lou, Little Daylight and now Anna Of The North, I think it’s safe to say that the “#selfie” boys have an affinity for female-fronted indie acts, and who can blame them? All of these artists are incredible on their own, but Alex and Drew have the ability to often elevate the source material to a new, club-ready level of exciting.

Anna Of The North‘s “Sway” is one of my favorite singles of 2014. A beautifully simple yet completely mesmerizing cut from the up-and-comers, “Sway” has already put Anna on the map and has raised anticipations for any material forthcoming. The Chainsmokers have taken “Sway,” and as with their previous reworks, added monstrous beats, synth-work, and an accentuating ethereal air that gives the track a whole new delivery. It’s huge and it works beautifully.

You can stream the original and Alex and Drew’s remix below. You can also download it for free because The Chainsmokers are generous mofos. Enjoy.

Brian Leak

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