Joyce Manor Clash With Concertgoer Over Stage Dives In Houston (VIDEO)


Joyce Manor have been making a lot of headlines this week for essentially taking a stance against the proliferation of stage dives, especially at shows where they happen to be performing. These headlines apparently did not reach every concertgoer in attendance at the band’s show in Houston last night, September 26, because mid-way through the group’s set the entire performance was put on hold to address one person vocalist/guitarist Barry Johnson could not stand. Lucky for us, the whole thing was captured on video.

Here’s the scene: Joyce Manor were performing to a packed house when one young man decided to climb on stage during the song “Constant Heartache.” Johnson, having just made public comments about how he wished people would stop stage diving at the band’s shows, stopped performing and became confrontational with the concert goer while both were still on stage. Words were exchanged and the young man eventually stepped down. Things could have stopped there, but they did not. Johnson continued to scream at the man, who in turned screamed right back, and the rest of the crowd was left to wonder whether or not they were about to see their first mid-show fist fight. You can view footage from the argument below:

A description accompanying the video reads:

So basically some guys were trying to stage dive during ‘Constant Headache’ and this is what happened. A lot of people were mad at Joyce Manor/ Barry at the end of the night, but the band specifically said before the show started that they didn’t want anyone to stage dive.

Joyce Manor released their latest album, Never Hungover Again, earlier this year.

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