Pharrell Goes Anime In Video for “It Girl”


Pharrell has done it again.

The ways he manages to get attention and show off his talent usually stretch the imagination and push the envelope of being weird. His new video for “It Girl” couldn’t be closer to that reality.

Whether he’s animated as a Japanimation character chasing and wooing cartoon girls and buying them clothes and spaceships, or he’s competing through level after level of an anime video game to win her heart, Pharrell shows off his nerdy side in this video; no question about it. And weirdly enough, the song seems to be directed at one “It Girl,” but he gets to choose which girl from the spaceship he pursues in a different level.

I’ll just let you watch for yourself. You can’t argue that it’s entertaining and creative. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Corey From

Corey From, from Kansas City, MO, when not thinking about or listening to music, obsessively thinks about Royals baseball, a platter of ribs (or BBQ in general) and cold beer. Nothing special really.
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