Stream The New Mercy Street (ex-Rufio) Album Now


If you were ever a fan of the almighty Rufio, then frontman Scott Sellers’ newest project in Mercy Street should be right up your alley. Following an excellent debut EP in 2012, the band is finally streaming their first LP–which releases today–through Bandcamp.

Featuring the fast-paced, rifftastic, pop-punk stylings that were prominent in Rufio’s discography, all fronted by Sellers’ recognizable vocals, Let Me Live certainly fills the void left by the departure of one of the most talented bands in the scene in the mid to late 2000s. Featuring 13 tracks–few of which break the three-minute mark–Mercy Street’s newest offering is a high-energy blast of catchy choruses, shredding guitars, and skate-punk drum beats that’ll having you reminiscing on the careers of bands like Slick Shoes and Dogwood.

You can stream Let Me Live in its entirety below and purchase a digital copy through Mercy Street’s Bandcamp.

Brian Leak

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