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James Cassar and Corey Purvis may not be household names, but if you are a fan of vinyl and have spent any money supporting the alternative/punk scene in recent years you have no doubt encountered their work. James writes for Modern Vinyl. Corey designs merchandise. Together, they represent the co-owners of the newly launched Near Mint Records.

Launching today, Near Mint Records is a new indie label with big aspirations. Their first release is a limited edition cassette reissue of The Obsessives’ Manners EP. The first pressing is limited to 75 copies, and is available in pre-order exclusive Barney purple (limited to 25 copies) and blue tint (limited to 50 copies). Every physical copy comes with an immediate digital download in various high-quality audio formats. All orders will begin shipping on or around October 15. You can stream the record, in full, below.

We have not covered The Obsessives on UTG in the past, but we trust James and Corey’s taste in music. Click here to support Near Mint and contribute to the future of independent music.

James Shotwell

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