Stream Hoodie Allen’s New Album, ‘People Keep Talking’


Late last spring, indie rapper Hoodie Allen released the first single, entitled “Show Me What You’re Made Of,” taken from of his upcoming debut record. A few months after that, the rapper officially announced that he would be self-releasing his debut full-length, People Keep Talking, on October 14.

The somewhat fan-interactive fourteen-track record has been highly anticipated and a few tracks are predicted to chart just as the singles from his older EPs did, and it’s not only because Ed Sheeran has a guest spot on there.

You can now listen to People Keep Talking via iTunes Radio’s First Play. Check out the album artwork and track list below.

hoodie allen

1. “100 Percent of Something”
2. “People Keep Talking”
3. “Movie”
4. “Won’t Mind” (featuring MAX)
5. “All About It” (featuring Ed Sheeran)
6. “Dumb for You”
7. “Sirens” (featuring Alex Wiley)
8. “Act My Age”
9. “Numbers” (featuring Jared Evan)
10. “Get It on the Low”
11. “Show Me What You’re Made Of”
12. “The Real Thing”
13. “Overtime”
14. “Against Me”

Dana Reandelar

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