BTBAM Frontman Streams New Solo Single, “Mutilated World”

thomas giles

To anyone who’s listened to Between The Buried And Me excessively, it’s no secret that Tommy Rogers is a supremely talented, stud-muffin of a vocalist with an impressive range. In 2011, after several albums with BTBAM showcasing his skills in progressive metal, the frontman released his first solo effort as Thomas Giles (following a debut as Giles in 2004). Further exploring his alternative side, Rogers surprised fans with tracks like “Scared,” a gorgeous, emotional, acoustic cut that further proved what he’s capable of as a vocalist and musician.

Thomas Giles is now set to release his followup with Modern Noise, and the first single has been released, along with pre-orders for the album. “Mutilated World” is a fantastic first look into the new LP, reaching nearly five minutes in length with a very dark, somewhat industrial, prog-rock vibe. Compared to some of his past solo work, this isn’t too far removed from something you’d find in one section of a 10-plus minute BTBAM jam.

Modern Noise is set to release on November 25 via Metal Blade. Stream the single below and get excited with us for the new release.

*photo courtesy of Brandon Gable

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