Wet Release Video For “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”


Wet‘s debut EP was one of my absolute favorites last year. Kelly Zutrau’s vocals immediately took my breath away and the minimalist nature of their music and beats makes for a hell of an indie-R&B package.

Today, we finally get the opportunity to see a video from the rising three-piece, for their single “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.” The visuals were directed by Beauty Today, which The Line Of Best Fit says is “an annual print magazine that perverts conventions of sexuality and gender, presenting nude photography, erotic fiction and illustrations.” The succinct cut boasts a very natural and intimate feel with gorgeous settings, overhead drone shots and various unique editing choices that add a little extra to a rather brief video.

You can watch the video for “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” below and check out a statement from Zutrau regarding their choice to work with Beauty Today.

“The music world is heavily populated with dudes, so we’re really happy to collaborate with women whenever possible and it felt particularly right to have a female directed video for this song.

I went to Cooper Union with Clara and Sydney (Beauty Today) and have always had a lot of respect for their individual art practices. Clara and I had a painting show together in our junior year, and Sydney took photos for us this summer. Collaborating with them has always felt easy and generative. We are also big fans of Beauty Today so we were psyched when they wanted to work on this with us.

Working with friends whose visions we trusted made it easy to jump right into creating and capturing an intimate, intense space. I think that made a lot of sense for this song.”

Brian Leak

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