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Sledding With Tigers may have released their debut album just a few short months back, but that is not stopping founding member Dan Faughdner from continuing to churn out new music for fans to enjoy.

Over the weekend, followers of Sledding With Tigers on Tumblr were treated to a taste of SWT’s next release when Dan posted a demo recording of a new track titled “The Chubby-ish Legacy Of One Mr. and Mrs. Faughnder.” The song references Dan’s parents and the way he’s essentially a combination of the two. It’s cute and catchy, which I guess is something that can be said for the vast majority of Sledding With Tigers’ material. You can stream the demo below:


I am not my mother
I am not my father
I’m some combination of the two
I am not a sad man
but somedays I feel sad, man
Today, I’m feelin’ kinda blue
I am not my mother
I am not my father
got engaged six months after they met
I am not mother
and she still loves my father
I can’t believe I fell out of love with you
Rip out my anger, soak it some liquor
Light it on fire and throw it away
Throw it at my problems
I’ve still my problems
But maybe someday I’ll learn to burn em away
There are parts of myself that I want to destroy
Just like there are parts every person that I’d like to destroy

Sledding With Tigers’ debut album, A Necessary Bummer, is available now via Antique Records.

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