Arms & Sleepers Stream Their Excellent New LP, ‘Swim Team,’ In Full

arms and sleepers

Boston duo Arms & Sleepers have a brand new, post-hiatus LP set to release on October 28. We were lucky enough to have a listen awhile back and have been waiting anxiously for it to officially drop. Today, we have the opportunity to stream the 11-track effort in full over at HuffPost.

Summer might be over but A&S aim to keep things hot with this newest effort. Overflowing with chill-meets-trill vibes, Swim Team can perfectly accentuate just about any activity, especially swimming and/or relaxing by the pool. With ethereal elements that have always been present in the endlessly fantastic catalogue of Arms & Sleepers, the two have now implemented some late ’80s / early ’90s, hip-hop-inspired beats that really elevate their sound to the upper echelon of the ambient/trip-hop genre alongside acts like Bonobo and Tycho. Swim Team should appeal to fans of those greats or other multi-talented producers like Vanilla or The Mad Writer, L’Orange.

Either way, we highly suggest you kick back and stream through the record below. As you’ll undoubtedly want a copy for yourself, head right here and treat yourself to something worth your time and money.

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