Leon Bridges Is About To Become Your New Favorite Soul Artist


The greatest moments in life are those that catch you completely off guard. Be they big or small, it’s the unexpected occurrences and chance encounters that keep life exciting, and earlier this week I stumbled across someone who has quickly won his way into my heart. If you have a few minutes to spare I am confident that he will soon be in yours as well.

Leon Bridges is a soul singer-songwriter from Texas with roots in the gospel realm and a voice that will stop you in your tracks. I was browsing the latest new artist posts around the web this week when I first heard his song “Coming Home” and I immediately stopped everything I was doing to focus on what was pouring through my headphones. Bridges has a sound that takes you back to a time you may have never even lived through, when everyone dressed a bit classier and live music was welcomed by crowds who wanted nothing more than to slow dance with their special someone. I’m talking about one of those cinematic late night moments that can only take place in overheated and overcrowded nightclubs that may or may not be legal. The heat has sweat dripping from the pipes and the liquor has your vision a little blurry, but then the band slows things down and the only thing you can focus on is that person in your arms. The music says everything you ever wanted to confess, evoking love and dedication with each note.

I soaked all this in and then listened again. And Again. And again. Then I called my dad, who just so happened to be home this particular afternoon, and told him I had stumbled across something that made every terrible song and forced news article in recent memory worth the effort. I had discovered that diamond in the rough, that hope for a better tomorrow, that thing that gave me a reason to still believe in the power of real music. That is what one encounter with Leon Bridges did for me, and I’ll ask you to allow him a fair chance to do the same for you. Stream “Coming Home” below:

Maybe you’re in a place right now where love is not calling your name. That’s fine. “Coming Home” is as much a song for the lonesome heart as it is the one for those looking to reconnect. It has the kind of groove that pairs perfectly with a slow-smoked cigarette sometime in the hours after midnight. You can unwind while it plays, letting the worries of the world roll down your spine as you collapse into whatever furniture you own. This song can hold you if you allow it to, and if you’re left wanting more, Bridges has another track, “Better Man,” that is also available. Check it out:

I don’t know what Leon Bridges has planned in the months ahead, but you can rest assured we will be covering his efforts regularly on UTG. If you want to stay connected 24/7, follow Leon and this site on Twitter.

Written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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