Bring Me The Horizon Stream “Don’t Look Down” Feat. Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars)

Bring Me The Horizon

Just as promised, Bring Me The Horizon have brought us another brand new single. It’s titled “Don’t Look Down,” and features guest vocals by Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars. This time they chose to premiere the song through BBC Radio 1. You can find that official stream here. You can also listen to a stream pulled by a fan below the jump.

While I and many others did not know what to expect from their new song after listening to “Drown,” I don’t think anyone could have guessed what this new track would sound like. It’s different, and possibly not in a good way. It has some heavy electronic influence and Oli uses some unclean vocals, which is fine, but there is also rapping. That fact seems to have quite a few of their fans upset about the new song. It’s an interesting direction to say the least, and I certainly hope to see more songs like “Drown” in the future instead.

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