Reggie and the Full Effect Release Monster Video for “37”


Just in time for Halloween, James Dewees, the genius behind Reggie and the Full Effect, as well as the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids, has released a timely monster video for the track “37” off his 2013 effort, No Country For Old Musicians.

The video patterns with the song very well, including hating on Bruno Mars. The monster joins a band and goes on tour, and it’s hilarious, as predicted. Check the video out below and let us know what you think.

And don’t forget that Reggie is going to embark on one crazy good tour in the coming weeks, with Saves the Day and Say Anything, who will all play a 2004 album all the way through (Under the Tray, Through Being Cool and …Is a Real Boy, respectively). Some shows have sold out already, so get your tickets before it’s too late.

Corey From

Corey From, from Kansas City, MO, when not thinking about or listening to music, obsessively thinks about Royals baseball, a platter of ribs (or BBQ in general) and cold beer. Nothing special really.
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