Kevin Smith Confirms Jay And Silent Bob Will Appear In ‘Clerks 3’


Kevin Smith confirmed the upcoming production of Clerks III in recent weeks, and he’s already revealed a bit of information that is sure to give fans faith in the View Askew creator’s ability to continue delivering quality entertainment with his beloved characters.

Speaking on a recent episode of his popular Smodcast podcast, Smith confirmed the appearance of the characters known as Jay and Silent Bob in the upcoming Clerks III. “They’re in the movie as much as they were in Clerks and Clerks II,” he said. You can stream the episode featuring the quote at the end of this post.

Details on the plot of Clerks III are being closely guarded for the time being. Clerks II ended with Dante and Randall purchasing the Quick Stop and making it their own, so it seems safe to assume that is where the story will begin. Smith has revealed the first ten minutes will take place in black and white, but beyond that we know very little about the highly-anticipated sequel. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.


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