UTG PREMIERE: Angels And Airwaves – “The Wolfpack”


This is probably the most exciting Halloween we’ve ever had on UTG.

We have partnered with our SpinMedia brothers and sisters to host the world premiere of Angels And Airwaves’ new single, “The Wolfpack.” The track is the latest to surface from the group’s upcoming album, The Dream Walker, and to be perfectly honest it’s our favorite of the bunch.

Speaking about “The Wolfpack,” frontman Tom Delonge offered:

“The Wolfpack’ is the first single from our upcoming album, ‘The Dream Walker,’ which is part of a bigger trans-media project called ‘Poet Anderson The Dream Walker.’ The song is a bit of a journey in and out of the many teeth of the music business – an industry that can be a sexy girl on one hand, but a vicious axe murderer on the other.

Each piece of this project, whether it’s the novel, the feature film, or the album, is meant to stand on its own individually, as well within the entirety of its parts. It’s an art projectwith many paths to adventure.

I felt it was time to try a bit harder and create something that was more just an album, and it’s ironic that this album might actually be my best.”

You can pre-order The Dream Walker on iTunes. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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