Copeland Stream “Erase” And Our Knees Go Weak


Copeland are one of the few bands that still seem to leave us fumbling for words to accurately describe the way experiencing their art makes us feel. From the very beginning of their career this band has been able to reach through the strongest walls and touch the coldest hearts with a few chords and the ever-so-soft croon of Aaron Marsh. Their latest, “Erase,” is no different. We first heard the song teased back in September, but early this morning a stream of the Ixora track found its way online. Check it out:

There is admittedly a lot more going on here than chords and crooning, but I was sold from the opening moments right through to the very end. Copeland are once again pushing their sound forward and asking fans to follow along, trusting that the band know where they are headed. So far, I think I like what they’re becoming, and I’m curious to see what other surprises Ixora will hold in store. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Erase.”

James Shotwell

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  • Paul

    Just got Ixora. It’s beautiful. Slow, methodical, cold at times, warm at others. But always beautiful.