Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Grabs Title For First Platinum Record Of 2014


As a lot of us have hoped and predicted, country-gone-pop icon Taylor Swift is officially the first artist to release a platinum record this year. With Billboard reporting sales in the United States of over $1.2M only a week after the release of 1989, Swift rapidly takes the spot of Ed Sheeran‘s X as the top-selling record of 2014.

The record, whose hit single, “Shake It Off,” debuted at #1, is the biggest step for the 25-year-old’s career evolution, as she officially abandons (but hopefully not forgets) her country roots. Not a stranger to the platinum sonority, with 2012’s Red and 2010’s Speak Now sharing similar titles, 1989 is a testament to the success that follows an artist who possesses such a rare combination of artistic ability and marketability.

With the astounding number of sales her record has garnered, Swift has also recently pulled her music out of Spotify, who have reported 40 million TSwift listeners to date. The front-running streaming medium has released a statement begging for her return.

Sharing the rest of the world’s sentiments on this, we at Under The Gun have also expressed our love for 1989 here.

Dana Reandelar

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