UTG PREMIERE: Don Vedda – “Casanova” Lyric Video


We don’t usually run premieres at night, but when Don Vedda asked us to hold this post until the sun had set we were more than happy to oblige.

Oh, what’s that? You don’t know about Don Vedda? Fear not. We have partnered with the fast-rising rock group to host the world premiere of their new lyric video for “Casanova,” featuring Snea. It’s a hard-hitting track with crashing drums and chugging guitars to spare. You can view the visuals, in full, at the end of this post.

Speaking about the track, Don Vedda offered:

“This is ‘Casanova,’ track #2 and one of my favorites on our debut EP. This song is about an occurrence that happened to me in a past relationship. I was left out in the cold by someone; later the tables turned and what happened to me returned to her. It’s a story of karma.”

Don Vedda released their most recent EP on August 13 of this year. If you like what you hear below, head over to iTunes and show your support by purchasing some music.

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