Crying Stream ‘Get Olde/Second Wind’ In All Its Chiptune Glory

Crying Band

I’ve been spreading love for the joy-inducing chiptune pop of New York trio Crying in various places across the internet. We haven’t celebrated this trio at Under the Gun since they signed with Run For Cover in May, somehow, so we’ll be fixing that now.

Crying is releasing the follow-up to last year’s debut EP Get Olde on RFC, and it’s streaming on Noisey now. Get Olde/Second Wind features the original seven songs from that 2013 EP, but it has also added on an additional EP’s worth of songs with six new tunes. Some of those have been released over the last few weeks – first “Batang Killjoy,” then the standout “War of Attrition.”

I should note that Crying is much more than a Game Boy-toting gimmick. Whether labeled as chiptune rock or 8-bit power pop, the band stands out in an emo scene that is, as the internet has collectively talked to death over, booming right now. Those attention-nabbing bloops are often the icing, propelling already punchy songs into something like breakneck Sonic the Hedgehog speeds. Just check out the guitar solo on “War of Attrition,” already mentioned above. John Hill summed it up pretty well for Noisey: “Basically what The Get Up Kids would’ve sounded like if they were really fucking into Super Nintendo.” This is a release you’ll be into if you’re even just a little fucking into Super Nintendo.

Officially released next week, Get Olde/Second Wind can be pre-ordered here in various formats and colors. There’s some other cool items as well; I could go for that stylish beanie.

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