This Legend Stream New Album, ‘It’s In The Streets,’ In Full

This Legend

This Legend, which features Ben Harper and Longineu Parsons formerly of Yellowcard, announced that their new album, It’s In The Streets, would be released through NOFX’s El Hefe’s new record label, Cyber Tracks. Last month, the band gave a taste of what the album would sound like post-Yellowcard with the track “Lyrics With My Pen.”

Currently, It’s In The Streets has been released to the music world and Red Bull Music premiered the lively album in full for a listening preview to show what the quartet’s finished product consists of. Check out what Harper had to say to Red Bull about the magic of making the record and how Yellowcard influenced them in starting from scratch and stream the album below.

What was the best part of making the album?

The best part about making our album was hearing our songs and sound come to life. When we heard it for the first time we were blown away. It was the “Hey, I think we’re on to something” kind of feeling. More importantly the best part about making the album was seeing four guys come together for the first time and really lean on each other to create an album that captured everyone’s influences. We have all been playing music for a long time so it was nice to have everyone in the studio able to contribute and lend a hand.

Embarking on a new project, do you guys look back on when Yellowcard was starting out? Can you compare the vibes of then to now?

We absolutely look back on when Yellowcard was just starting our and compare it to This Legend. A lot is the same in that we are really excited, coupled with the unknown of what is to come. This time around we are older, more mature, and know what to expect when starting a new band.This vibe is reminiscent of back in day knowing that our band is good and we have something to sell. Because of our years in the business, we know that there is still a lot of work ahead and I can honestly say we are ready for it. We are having a lot of fun right now and won’t take it for granted.

You can purchase the album via iTunes.

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